Services and Issues

Helping the Haitian Community

The Haitian community is coming together through the advocacy and organizing around issues of immigration, non partisan voters education, civic education and a myriad of issues that has plagued their advancement for success. The cultural center is the gateway for successful organizing and mobilization to that end.


We are convening with experts to speak and assist in navigating through many complex immigration issues. We use direct and grass root organizing for fair and humane immigrant rights.


The lack of housing has pushed many homeowners as well as renters to become homeless. We work towards fair housing rights and laws for tenants. Making sure that shelters comply with existing laws and fight for better rights for those in the shelters until they find their forever home. We assist homeowners in jeopardy of loosing their home by working directly with the banks through coalition partners. First time homebuyers assistance through workshops that allows new homeowners to make better choices to become successful at home ownership.

Grassroots Organizing

With the help of many partners we are building a coalition that brings to light many issues that we all face in our communities. The cultural Center with it’s vast Haitian base is targeting specific issues which are rarely discussed. Due to recent changes within the immigration laws and other local issues, we are organizing more then ever. We are having more conversations and workshops to educate and mobilizing for a better future for our children.